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    We offer to partially or completely transfer the sale of drinks to self-service with the help of tasting walls, beer and wine. The tasting wall beckons visitors and literally makes money for you. Guests study descriptions on tablets next to the taps, choose a drink and pour themselves. The staff only has to connect new tanks on time. Payment takes place either right there at the terminal, using bank cards, or at the checkout. You can also use Google Pay and Apple Pay mobile services with our DrinkWall terminals.

    Who is this automation suitable for?

    • Beer shops and craft brewery bars
    • Beer restaurants of any format and size
    • Wine tasting rooms and restaurants
    • Buffet rooms, banquet halls
    • Hotels
    • Entertainment facilities: cinemas, billiard rooms, etc.

    Why do you need self-service? Let’s remember how it is customary to sell alcohol in HoReCa establishments. Long wine lists with 2-3 bars of prices for different doses … Traditional beer menus in pubs are black boards with chalk inscriptions and even more bars … Who reads them, except for the most inveterate beer geeks? Repeated orders … Explanations of the staff, sometimes confusing and incomprehensible … But all this is just extra barriers between the guest and the drinks!

    Benefits of automating the sale of drinks

    1. Savings on employees
    2. Saving staff time
    3. Save space
    4. A way to attract visitors
    5. Increase in speed and volume of sales
    6. Increasing the profitability of the restaurant
    7. Additional revenue channel for entertainment establishments

    In the era of touchscreens and online shopping, people increasingly value their time and independent choice. With free access to taps, guests are more willing to experiment. New or slow-moving varieties are selling much better. Service personnel can be reduced by at least a quarter.

    The tasting wall allows guests to create their own “route” and return to those varieties that they especially liked. Waiters and bartenders do not waste time on explanations, presentations, repeated orders. There is no need to pour a “couple of sips” for a sample. The guests do everything themselves and with enthusiasm, as experience shows.

    It can be a little scary to entrust the taps to the guests: it is more usual when the bartenders are pouring. But self-freezing has long been used in traditional pubs: this is what beer towers, or giraffes, serve. We offer an advanced level of automation with more capabilities. It is important to provide guests with a convenient and simple beer dispensing without excess foam, and the owner – accounting and control. These tasks are easily solved thanks to our technical know-how. The peculiarity of our equipment is the real accounting of every drop of the drink, and not just the time until the tap is open.

    Automated bars operate all over the world, from the USA to Japan. Their effectiveness has been proven by many years of practice. After installing a beer or wine wall, beer sales grow 1.5-2 times. Do you want to get this result?

    Self-service forms for drinks

    We help to establish different ways of self-service:

    • beer dispensers (beer towers);
    • beer tables with taps;
    • tasting walls for beer or wine;
    • vending machines in the drinks area.

    MBev engineers can design and assemble such a system for any container – bottles, kegs, bag-in-boxes. Moreover, it will be more profitable and more convenient than conventional wine dispensers. The largest imported devices of this type are designed for only 16 bottles, and they cost so much that even in metropolitan restaurants they pay off for years. The number of taps on the wall depends only on its size.

    Wine is either pumped out of bag-in-boxes by special pumps for drinks, or squeezed out of kegs or bottles with food nitrogen, which eliminates contact with air.

    Another self-service option is additional beer dispensing stations for waiters. If there are a lot of visitors, and the hall is large, it makes sense to place several such points along it. Waiters don’t have to go far and jerk bartenders for every glass. This is how we helped organize the work at the Pravda Beer Theater in Lviv.

    We have a wide range of technical solutions for self-filling beer and wine, proven in practice in Ukraine and abroad. We develop automatic filling systems ourselves, from hardware to software.

    How mBev solutions help you earn more:

    Attract new customers

    • your guests are delighted, because mBev installations are real art objects;
    • your bartenders have in their hands the tools for a beautiful show;
    • on taps – the freshest beer straight from the brewery;
    • waiters serve quickly and smoothly;

    Retain your regular customers

    • increasing the filling speed several times;
    • keeping the original beer formula;
    • bringing the filling to perfection.

    Reduce costs by:

    • saving on staff;
    • elimination of unnecessary links in logistics;
    • reduction of losses on foam and drains.

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