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Restaurant with a brewery

    Bottling beverages for business

    Turn to the brewer

    You brew the best beer – we make the best filling systems.

    You have been thinking about the recipe for a long time, painstakingly selecting the best ingredients. The subtlest nuances of taste, color and aroma were taken into account. The beer was carefully looked after while it matured.

    «But even the best beer recipe can be spoiled by i mproper storage, pouring and serving.

    We respect your work. We appreciate your creativity.

    We will carefully preserve your beer composition and bring it to the guest so that it is fully revealed.

    • Beer lines will become an extension of your beer tanks.
    • The beer will always be cold on its way to the glass.
    • The carbonation of the beer in the glass will be exactly the same as you laid down in the recipe.
    • We will not allow harmful agents to enter the beer: oxygen, wild yeast, bacteria.
    • We will think over ergonomics to the smallest detail – it will be convenient and pleasant to work with our system.
    • No gas will enter the beer lines when changing kegs. And the extra carbon dioxide will not turn the tap into a fire extinguisher.
    • We organize the sanitation system so that the beer stone and other nasty things will have no chance to gain a foothold on the equipment nodes.

    Our humble mission is to take care of your beer masterpieces.

    A few words about serving beer at the bar

    Beautiful, stylish and effective beer equipment at the bar is as important to the brewer as elegant serving the dish to the chef.

    Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the aesthetic component of our technical solutions.

    We have a ton of designer taps and columns from all over the world in stock: for different beer styles, beer pouring methods and restaurant interiors.

    We will definitely find a solution that will hit exactly the target – the heart of the guest of your establishment.

    How mBev solutions help you earn more:

    Attract new customers

    • your guests are delighted, because mBev installations are real art objects;
    • your bartenders have in their hands the tools for a beautiful show;
    • on taps – the freshest beer straight from the brewery;
    • waiters serve quickly and smoothly;

    Retain your regular customers

    • increasing the filling speed several times;
    • keeping the original beer formula;
    • bringing the filling to perfection.

    Reduce costs by:

    • saving on staff;
    • elimination of unnecessary links in logistics;
    • reduction of losses on foam and drains.

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