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This is Beer Bar at Pechersk, Kiev

Kiev, 26 Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard

The first This is Beer Bar in the very center of Kiev. The restaurant occupies the lower (basement) and the second floor, between them on the first floor there is an office. There are 50 kinds of beer in both bars on the divided floors. It is impossible to place so many taps on a suspended column, so part of the varieties were brought out on special panels for bartenders.

The cooldrum is on the basement floor; two of its four walls are transparent from the skirting boards to the ceiling. From the kegroom, metal pipes with beer pipes run along the ceiling – along a corridor that bends twice in a big way. They go down to a panel with taps and a bar with a hanging column. Another set of pipes goes up, running along an interior wall through the first floor and delivering beer to the second floor. The same panel and beer column is located there. Beer pumps are needed to pump the beer upward.

Fifty-nine gas reducers are installed. Most of them went to groups of kegs of 3 or 4 similar varieties, others went to a gas blender for bottling stouts and to pneumatic pumps.

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