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Restaurant «Pyatnica», Lviv

Lviv, Zubrovska street, 38

Our main achievement at Pyatnitsa is another suspended beer column in Ukraine, and a very impressive one – for 40 varieties. Suspended columns – our unique engineering development, which requires accurate calculations and great effort during installation. It turns out a modern and very unusual design in an industrial style. An added bonus is the ability to free up some bar space if that’s important. Beer lines and taps literally come down from the ceiling.

Another feature of the project is the beautiful koldrum, open to the views of visitors. We did it to our best standards: each beer has its own reducer, FOB detector and flush head. Customers do not always ask for this, but in this case, the owners decided not to save on equipment. And this decision is justified, because this is the only way we can ensure:

  • proper saturation and taste of different varieties;
  • easy maintenance of the beer system, even for untrained staff.

The Coldroom is located on the third floor, while the suspended column is on the second floor in the huge main hall. The project will be completed in 2021.

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