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Restaurant chain Craft&Kumpel, Lviv

Lviv, 6 Vinnichenko Street (Mytnaya Square) and 200a Kulparkovskaya Street

Two famous Lviv projects that we participated in the development of. “Kumpel” – the first restaurant in Lviv with its own brewery and gastropub Craft&Kumpel’ – a real “beer atelier”. Interesting tasks had to be solved in the restaurant, which is located in one of the famous Lviv undergrounds. From the koldrum on the first floor of the building beer is served in two points: in the store located there and in the basement, on the restaurant bar. The distance to it is decent, the height of the ceilings reaches 4 meters. But in this case gravity only helps, because the beer flows down the bottling line. It was easier with the store: it’s right behind the colliery wall, into which we cut the taps. We used only Italian Cosmo beer taps, which are highly reliable, for installation.

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