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Restaurant-brewery Beerteka, Odesa

Odessa, Genoese Street, 5/2

Beerteka is a few of its own varieties, the best Ukrainian and imported beers. And a real beer library – shelves with a collection of beers from all over the world. Great food, beautiful interior and beer equipment, which we carefully selected and installed. We contributed a lot to the concept of this restaurant at all stages, from the overall design to the smallest details.

Here we have put frosted beer column, longer which no one has ever done in Ukraine and probably in the whole Europe. There are 24 beer taps on this column! It had to be assembled of 3 sections and make a special drip tray not only for beer but also for melt water. In order to get and store that much ice, 3 1kW chillers are constantly running. An expensive technical solution, but it looks very impressive, and that’s what the frosted columns were invented for.

We haven’t done a kolodrum like the one at Beerteka yet, either. It is placed right in the hall on the “island,” where they also pour beer. The refrigerated cabinet with kegs is transparent and viewable from all sides.

Other technical features: One secondary reducer for each beer line and beer pumps. The reducers ensure perfect carbonation for each brew. The pumps are necessary because there is only one beer source and two pouring points: the “island” and the frosted column. You just can’t pump this system with carbon dioxide, without pumps you would get over-carbonization.

The project will be commissioned in 2021.

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