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Beer boutique Brewer

Limanka village, Odessa region

A new type of store that brings beer culture to the masses and is made in an attractive modern design. There are many good breweries in the Odesa region, and it is important not just to sell but to present their products properly. Brewer’s has a large assortment: 26 varieties of beer and up to 6 varieties of other drinks.

Brewer in Liman is an exemplary example of how we approach the design of beer stores:

  • a high-tech system for storing, serving and dispensing beverages;
  • a culture of installation, attention to technical details;
  • everything for proper beer storage;
  • everything to make a better impression on guests;
  • innovative solutions, equipment as an organic part of the design.

The upper part of the koldrum wall is made transparent so that customers can see the beautiful flasks with foam cutoffs. This is our long-standing finding that all customers liked. Visitors to the store can immediately see the color and texture of the beer. Otherwise, you can get confused in dozens of unfamiliar varieties, as often happens.

All kegs are stored in the same koldrum at the same optimum temperature, but are arranged by type: lagers are stored with lagers, weizens with weizens, stouts with stouts, and so on. Secondary reducers are installed for each group of varieties to ensure proper carbonation, which means the right taste of beer in each bottle.

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