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Beer restaurant This is Pivbar, Kyiv

Kiev, Trostyanetskaya 4/2

The system for storing, serving and bottling keg beer in the restaurant This is Pivbar.
The facility was commissioned in 2017.
This is Pivbar on Trostyanetskaya is a grand breakthrough in the restaurant business!

This is roughly how this bold beer project was evaluated by core publications and experts. The mBev team is proud to have realized it.

So, in 2017 mBev engineers designed and installed an innovative system for storing, serving and pouring beer in the now iconic This is Pivbar beer restaurant. This has never been done anywhere else (neither in Ukraine, nor in the near and far abroad countries):

  • 114 beer taps;
  • 5 km of beer pipes (50 soccer fields!);
  • suspended beer columns;
  • 1.5 tons – the weight of the columns in an equipped state;
  • 10 kW glycol chillers;
  • cold room for 300 kegs;
  • distance (maximum) from the keg to the crane – 55 meters.

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