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Beer restaurant This is Pivbar at Podil, Kyiv

Kyiv, Kontraktovaja Square, 8

Another chain restaurant in the center of Kiev, in a historic building.
Part of the caldrum is visible from the street. The 280-keg caldrum is surrounded by frosted glass, and the wall facing the street is protected by a double-glazed window with argon. The area is small, so kegs and equipment are arranged on several levels.

On the first floor guests are welcomed by a hanging column and a panel with taps behind the bar. The main room is in the basement. For beer pumping and other technical needs 105 Flojet beer pumps are installed.
The restaurant on Podol has 110 Globus beer taps and special nitrogen taps for stouts.
And one more record: the length of our beer lines – 85 meters from keg to tap! The bottling system took 800 meters of python. Up to 200-plus liters of beer are in the beer hoses all the time.
Dynamic flushing avoids product loss.

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