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Beer restaurant 3B Cafe, Kyiv

21, Marshala Tymoshenko St., Kyiv

3bc is a restaurant chain for which we have already completed several orders. Either we completely designed and equipped the establishments from scratch, or installed the bottling system.

Distinctive features of the design and beer equipment 3B Cafe Obolon:

  • An open cockdrum, viewed from both sides;
  • Beer taps for 30 varieties are built into the wall behind the bar;
  • FOB detectors for each variety;
  • Beer is pumped upstairs.

The customers wanted to use only carbon dioxide as a matter of principle and rejected the nitrogen mixture. Since the distance from the kegs to the taps is quite long and the beer has to be pumped up, we decided to put pumps in all the bottling lines. First of all, we avoid over-carbonation of the beer. Secondly, the beer pumps also provide a fast and steady, uninterrupted pour. It should take no more than 15 to 20 seconds to dispense a glass of beer – that’s our standard operating procedure. The faster you serve your guests, the more beer you sell.

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