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Wine machine

Refrigerated wine machine: a new way of bottling in a wine bar

Do you have a wine bar or restaurant? Do you want to develop wine culture, are you looking for non-standard technical solutions? Then it’s time to find out what a vine machine is.

Pouring wine from bottles, we automatically get a bunch of problems.

1. Storage of open bottles and protection of wine from oxygen. Household vacuum stoppers are good for the home, but not for a good restaurant. You have to buy professional vacuum systems or dispensers.
2. The glass container itself and the space it occupies. In the case of a wine cabinet-dispenser, this is especially evident. Only a few bottles of 0.75 ml are placed in one such cabinet.

Wine machines with built-in cooler from mBev

We offer a solution that is ideal in terms of convenience, logistics and design:

● vine-machine for several grades;
● beautiful towers with cranes on a metal stand;
● bottling from bag-in-boxes using membrane pumps;
● built-in refrigerator with different climatic zones.

Our wine machines allow you to bottle up to 6 different varieties. Fast and convenient!
Sealed packages are placed in a cold room, which provides a constant temperature for each variety.
High-quality taps, hoses and special membrane pumps for wine exclude contact with air and damage to the drink.

Benefits of bag-in-box

Bag-in-box technology greatly simplifies the transport and storage of wines.
Pouring wine from a bag-in-box saves nature from tons of excess garbage. And you – from the need to dispose of it.
Buying and transporting wines in such packaging is much cheaper. This means you can lower your selling prices.

Make wine available to guests to sell more !

Many well-known wineries already offer their products not only in bottles, but also in bag-in-box. Do you have a restaurant at a private winery? We will help to establish this method of bottling.

Benefits of mBev vine machines

● Unprecedented service speed: 250 ml in 4 seconds.
● Always the right wine serving temperature
● Space saving: bag-in-boxes instead of a battery of bottles
● Sustainability
● Wine accessible to guests thanks to lower prices

The mBev wine machine is an affordable, ergonomic and stylish device for the modern wine bar. Order a wine machine – and the wine in the restaurant will flow like water, increasing your profits.

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