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Saturator for gas water

Compact carbonator for gas water: gassing like champagne without wasting space

HoReCa establishments always need sparkling water. How to get it? You can buy in bulk ready-made, but then you have to deal with the storage and disposal of containers. And you will need a separate refrigerator for soda bottles. You can put a conventional saturator for carbonated water with cooling. But it is quite expensive and takes up too much space on the bar. Free space is also your money! The speed of serving guests depends on ergonomics. How to be?

For the first time, streaming carbonation technology made it possible to make the saturator convenient to place on the bar.

New gas water apparatus for the bar counter

The mixing of gas with water takes place in a small flask. A rotary pump pumps water through it, which, with a small size, develops a pressure of up to 12 bar.

A simple device
● A flask for mixing water and gas
● A pressure equalizer between them
● A gas supply regulator
● A non-return valve
● A pressure compensator
● Connectors and tubes

All you need in addition is a CO 2 cylinder with reducers, cold drinking water and a pump to supply it. For cooling, an additional circuit can be drawn from the beer cooler.

● Very compact size
● Easy installation directly under the bar
● Fewer parts – minimal risk of breakage
● Improved mixing of gas and water using Vortex technology
● Gassing up to 7.7 g/l, like champagne or commercial soda – Coca-Cola, Pepsi and so on.

The saturation of CO 2 can be adjusted by decreasing or increasing the water supply pressure.

Our compact gas water machines are suitable for cafes, bars, restaurants and even for the home.

Order an innovative carbonator and you will always have as much sparkling water as you want without wasting counter space.

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