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Sell ​​more beer with the RevolMatic automatic dispenser

Draft beer trading is a profitable business. And most of all, he should bring money where a lot of people gather – at stadiums, concert venues, folk festivals. Such a large number of buyers is a huge potential, but it needs to be properly implemented.

The main mistake is poorly selected bottling equipment.

Most often they forget that the stadium is not a pub, and they put ordinary pouring taps. Vendors can’t keep up with long queues. The beer is poured slowly, with abundant foam, not always well chilled. Tired and twitchy seller makes mistakes, gets nervous. The quality of service is declining.

The main problems faced by beer vendors in stadiums are:

● Sales time is limited. The break between matches is only 15 minutes. In order to have time to drink everyone, you need equipment for high-speed bottling.
● Many do not even queue for beer, realizing that they will not have time to get a glass.
● Due to the lack of automation, sellers can hardly cope with the crowd of buyers, making mistakes in the calculation.
● In order to somehow establish trade, one has to hire more sellers, and these are extra expenses and troubles
● Losses of beer on the drain and foam are catastrophic: 15–25% per year.

Is it possible to solve all problems and increase beer sales many times over? Yes! RevolMatic is the latest touchless automatic beer dispenser to help you . It takes the game to another level

●1 glass in 8 seconds! In a 15-minute break, one RevolMatic pours more than 100 glasses, and a dozen of these dispensers pour more than 1000 glasses. Count profit…

● Filling does not depend on the skills of the seller. Even an untrained person can work with RevolMatic. The dispenser does everything himself, it remains only to accept payment and give out a full glass.

● No more wasted drinks: the machine dispenses beer with impeccable precision.

● No need for many taps and vendors – an automatic dispenser saves you a lot of money.

Who needs RevolMatic:

● owners of stadiums and concert venues;
● organizers of public events with a large influx of people – festivals, concerts, fairs, folk festivals;
● management of airport sales areas;
● private entrepreneurs renting places for catering and fast food;
● fast food establishments.

How RevolMatic was created
The authors of the invention are bottling engineers, just like us. One day they came to a football game and stood in a long line for a beer during the break. The wait was in vain, and they returned to the stadium in the company of the same dissatisfied fans. But they had an advantage: they were engineers. This case was the impetus for the invention of RevolMatic, an innovative automatic revolving dispenser.

For 2 years, RevolMatic has been refined and tested in practice – at 75 rock festivals and football matches throughout Europe (in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK). After such a long run-in in real conditions, the device was brought to perfection. All user comments have been taken into account. Business owners noted a 50% increase in beer sales.

Principle of operation

1. In automatic mode, a stack of disposable cups (up to 100 pcs.) is placed in the built-in dispenser.
2. From the dispenser, they are alternately fed down onto a 6 deep well turntable.
3. The tray brings the glasses under the pouring nozzle. Each glass is filled in 8 seconds. The service speed is approximately 450 glasses per hour.
4. Accurate dosage and volume of foam in each glass is provided. The built-in counter measures the passage.
5. In automatic mode, “smart” foam control is always on, based on two parameters – filling speed and nozzle extension degree.
6. Dispenser easily connects to beer lines and cooler with standard John Guest quick connect fittings.
7. Intuitive start-up and settings via 4.3-inch touch screen.
8. In the version with the self-service module, integration with any payment systems is provided.

Unlike analogues, RevolMatic for the first time provides full automation of filling : the seller does not need to install and remove dishes, as, for example, when working with BEERJET . You can do without the seller, using the self-service mode . In this mode, payment is accepted via contactless RFID cards and bank cards. It is enough for the buyer to bring the card to the terminal for RevolMatic to pour a glass.

For glassware that is not suitable for the built-in dispenser, a manual mode is provided: the seller himself places the glasses in the holes. When all glasses are full, the device will automatically go into standby mode until a hole with an empty glass appears

Benefits of RevolMatic

Full automation. The staff can only pay off customers.

Fast pouring speed – 8 seconds per half liter glass. Service is accelerated by about 5 times.

Accurate and uninterrupted filling without loss. The dosage and amount of foam in the glass are adjustable.

Foam cutter (FOB-detector) included.

Self-service mode. Opportunity to do without sellers, independently paying for drinks with bank cards and RFID cards.

Sanitary safety. In automatic mode, vendors do not need to touch the glasses, which greatly reduces the risk of infection.

Versatility. RevolMatic was developed specifically for beer, given the need for precise temperature and foam control. It is even easier to pour other cold drinks on them.

Accounting and control. Data on the strait, stocks and temperature of the drink are transferred to the cloud in real time. You can monitor the progress of sales through a smartphone or tablet.

Compactness. RevolMatic takes up very little space compared to BEERJET and similar systems: 60 x 40 x 40 cm. With a weight of 18 kg, it is easy to carry and install.

High reliability. The highest quality materials are used – stainless steel and durable plastic, certified for use with food.

Simple operation. You can learn how to work with RevolMatic in 5 minutes.

Easy maintenance available to any user. We provide everything you need: instructions, flush tank (included) and special tools. After each use, the filling system is flushed with water. Additionally, periodic flushing with a solution of chemicals is required.

During sports matches and other public events, it is better to install several such devices.

For cinemas, catering and fast food , where there is not such a huge influx of customers, we recommend RevolMatic with a self-service module . Some cinemas have already tried to introduce beer self-service, but without success: people received glasses full of foam. It’s all about technology! RevolMatic is no ordinary crane column. The device itself provides both the supply of dishes and accurate pouring without excess foam. Visitors do not need to learn how to pour beer correctly – just pay with a card and pick up a full glass from the stand.

Recipe for your success:

● pour five times faster;
● sell at least one and a half times more beer;
● implement self-service for sanitation;
● cut redundant staff.

Order a RevolMatic device to save on staff and take your beer trade to the next level.
mBev is the exclusive distributor of RevolMatic in Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries.

We give a guarantee for 1 year throughout Ukraine, we provide training, service and repair.

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