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A revolution in beer sales in stadiums: pour through the bottom of glasses at unprecedented speed!

Draft beer trading is a profitable business. And most of all, he should bring money where a lot of people gather – at stadiums, concert venues, folk festivals. Such a large number of buyers is a huge potential, but it needs to be properly implemented.

The main mistake is poorly selected bottling equipment.

Most often they forget that the stadium is not a pub, and they put ordinary pouring taps. Vendors can’t keep up with long queues. The beer is poured slowly, with abundant foam, not always well chilled. Tired and twitchy seller makes mistakes, gets nervous. The quality of service is declining.

The main problems faced by beer vendors in stadiums are:

● Sales time is limited. The break between matches is only 15 minutes. In order to have time to drink everyone, you need equipment for high-speed bottling.
● Many do not even queue for beer, realizing that they will not have time to get a glass.
● Due to the lack of automation, sellers can hardly cope with the crowd of buyers, making mistakes in the calculation.
● In order to somehow establish trade, one has to hire more sellers, and these are extra expenses and troubles
● Losses of beer on the drain and foam are catastrophic: 15–25% per year.

Is it possible to solve all problems in one fell swoop? Yes! ReverseTap is an automatic beer dispenser with pouring through the bottom of glasses .

Who needs ReverseTap

● owners of stadiums, concert venues, cinemas;

● organizers of public events with a large influx of people – festivals, concerts, fairs, folk festivals;

● management of airport sales areas;

● private entrepreneurs renting places for trade

ReverseTap Automatic Dispenser: 7 Ways to Boost Your Beer Profits

1. Pouring through the bottom of glasses – a technological revolution! How ReverseTap works is described below.

2. No more drink wasted. The exact dosage and volume of containers, the amount of foam are pre-set in the settings.

4. High speed: 8 seconds per half liter glass. In a quarter of an hour, ReverseTap manages to pour 200 servings into 2 glasses. Only five of these dispensers – and you managed to sell 1000 servings during the break. Count profit!

5. Автоматизация налива освобождает продавца от лишней нагрузки. Пока пиво наливается, продавец рассчитывается с покупателями и выдаёт другие заказы.

6. Экономия на персонале. Один продавец легко работает за троих. Не нужно много кранов и продавцов – ReverseTap существенно экономит ваши деньги.

7. Привлечение покупателей. ReverseTap сразу привлекает внимание и помогает выделиться среди конкурентов. Причём не только необычным способом розлива, но и скоростью обслуживания.

Принцип работы ReverseTap

Пиво наливается через клапан в дне посуды, сделанный из высокопрочного пластика. После заполнения клапан автоматически закрывается.

Такие клапаны встраиваются в специальную посуду – пластиковые и стеклянные бокалы, кружки, пивные кувшины, ПЭТ-бутылки с адаптером

Версии ReverseTap

Автоматический пивной диспенсер ReverseTap разработан и производится в Южной Корее. Есть разные версии устройства;

● на 1 кран и на 2 крана;
● надстоечные (on-top) и врезные (in-top);
● с дисплеем и без.

К устройству на 2 бокала можно подключить 2 пивные линии с разными сортами.
ReverseTap на 1 бокал удобен, когда место на стойке ограничено.

Любые комбинации! Сколько сортов вы хотите разливать одновременно, зависит только от вас. Под заказ мы собираем и красиво оформляем разливные линии из отдельных блоков ReverseTap. Если необходимо, хоть на 12 бокалов или больше.

Простая установка

You need a standard stand-alone set, but instead of a beer column with a tap – an automatic dispenser. Connect it to the beer lines and cooling lines – and start selling

Easy maintenance

Anyone can handle the flushing procedure by reading the instructions.

Want to forget about wasting your drink?
Sell ​​beer quickly and effectively like no other?
Increase profits from beer bottling by at least 1.5 times?
Significantly save on staff?

mBev is the exclusive distributor of ReverseTap™ in Ukraine.

We give a guarantee for 1 year throughout Ukraine, we provide training, service and repair.

Order ReverseTap to take beer trading to the next level.

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