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Nitro towers

mBev Nitro Towers – know-how for coffee with the perfect nitrogen foam

Nitro coffee is cold brew coffee that is saturated with nitrogen. Tiny bubbles form a very gentle, creamy lather. You drink pure black coffee, and very strong, but it seems like a foamed cappuccino. The new way of serving the drink is eagerly used by third-wave coffee shops. But there are technical details…

Making cold coffee infusion is easy. But mixing cold brew with nitrogen is not an easy task. Nitrogen is very poorly soluble in water. Therefore, the pressure of the gas supplied from the cylinder is not enough to get nitro coffee with a beautiful cascade of bubbles. That’s why you have to stock up on nitro stations – mini-kegs with a ready drink. Is there another way?

To prepare nitro coffee, the drink must not only be squeezed out, but mixed with nitrogen.

In our nitro coffee equipment, a special blender is installed inside the pouring column. He mixes cold brew with nitrogen in front of the faucet.

Benefits of mBev Nitro Towers

● Obtaining nitro coffee in any quantity right in front of the tap, without nitro stations
● Compact nitrogen saturator of our own design
● Mixing coffee with nitrogen gives stable fine foam
● Special nitrogen tap (also used for bottling stouts)
● Own production
● Finished device with a beautiful design
● Custom solutions

We manufacture equipment for nitro coffee according to individual orders . Any combination: built-in and external cooler, different number and purpose of taps. And any design you like.

Please contact us to clarify the technical details and the cost of installation for nitro coffee.

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