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Freezing Beer Column

A frosted beer column is the best way to impress restaurant guests! Especially in the summer heat. A person comes to you from the street, where the asphalt seems to be melting… He sees a column covered with ice and hoarfrost, and understands that he has come from hell to heaven. At any rate, we want him to have that impression. What is needed for this?

Beer column in classic or modern design, beautiful even without ice.

● Water-glycol coil brazed to the column body from the inside or outside.

Double body instead of coil. In this case, the cooling mixture is fed into the gap between the inner and outer casings.

Glycol cooler – powerful and compact enough to fit under the bar. More than one chiller may be needed depending on the length of the column.

The right temperature so that the beer does not unintentionally freeze together with the column.

Humidity of air in the place of pouring is not less than 25%, otherwise the ice will not grow.

Special drip collector , where not only beer residues flow, but also melt water from the column.

Competent selection, installation and configuration of equipment. The thickness of the freezing ice depends on the temperature in the bar and the temperature of the glycol

All this is provided by us – the team of mBev engineers . Our company has equipped many beer establishments in Ukraine and abroad. We design restaurants together with the owners or install additional equipment.

We have more than one freezing column on our account, including the longest in Ukraine – 24 grades. It is installed in the Odessa restaurant Beerteka. The column is assembled from three sections and is cooled immediately by three chillers with a capacity of 1 kW each.

We offer:

● ready-made beer columns with frosting from the best manufacturers;
● development of such a column, taking into account your wishes and possibilities.

An ice-covered beer column is a powerful visual marketing tool. Do you want guests to remember your restaurant and tell their friends about it? Please contact us, together we will discuss the cost and technical nuances.

Order a beer column with icing

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