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Coolant gun

Cooling gun for glasses: instant freezing and a new show for guests

The taste of beer, whiskey, champagne and other drinks is markedly affected by the temperature of the glassware in which they are served. For example, if chilled beer is also served in an ice glass, it is perfectly refreshing, does not foam too much and stays cold for a long time.

To cool the glasses, a cold water washer or a special freezer is usually used. But it is impossible to cool the dishes below zero with running water. The freezer has three fundamental disadvantages:

1) each batch of dishes is cooled for a very long time, at least 2 hours;
2) the freezer takes up too much space on the bar;
3) high cost.

Cooling glasses with carbon dioxide is another way, modern and very convenient.

Taking a chiller pistol in his hand, the bartender kills several birds with one stone:

● correct serving of chilled drinks;
● beautiful frosty frost on the glass walls;
● reliable disinfection of dishes;
● new show for guests.

The glass cooler is a compact hand-held device that quickly cools the dishes and the drink itself to the desired temperature.

Down to -20 ºC in just 6 seconds!

Forget about bulky and expensive freezers. We offer a portable and affordable device: a gun, a small CO 2 bottle and a connecting hose.

The chiller gun is a professional gadget that can be used anywhere: in a pub, beer or wine restaurant, cafe, wine boutique, home bar, at parties and other events.

Operating principle

The dishes are brought to the hemisphere at the end of the muzzle, the button is pressed and several rotational movements are made. The pressurized carbon dioxide evenly covers the walls of the glass and immediately evaporates, taking away heat. This is a very beautiful sight! In a matter of seconds, the glass is disinfected and frozen until frost forms on the walls.

Benefits of glass chiller gun

● Применяется для любой стеклянной и керамической посуды – бокалов, стаканов, рюмок и чашек.
● Не только охлаждает, но и стерилизует посуду, убирает любые посторонние запахи.
● Ледяной бокал с замороженными стенками выглядит красивее, чем обычный, и лучше сохраняет температуру напитка. Идеальный способ подавать лагеры, шампанское, виски со льдом и холодные коктейли!
● Сам процесс смотрится очень эффектно и производит впечатление на гостей.
● Быстрота работы: 6 секунд на один бокал.
● Нет проводов и расходов на электричество: устройство работает на СО2 и двух батарейках AA.
● Портативность и экономия места.
● Доступная цена

Do you want to receive as many frozen glasses as you need at any time? Do not waste energy, time and space on cooling and storing dishes?

Order a glass cooler to give bartenders a handy tool and restaurant guests a new interesting show.

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