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BEERJET™: Sell your beer as fast as possible to increase your profits!

Draft beer trading is a profitable business. And most of all, he should bring money where a lot of people gather – at stadiums, concert venues, folk festivals. Such a large number of buyers is a huge potential, but it needs to be properly implemented.

The main mistake is poorly selected bottling equipment.

Most often they forget that the stadium is not a pub, and put ordinary bottling taps. Vendors can’t keep up with long queues. The beer is poured slowly, with abundant foam, not always well chilled. Tired and twitchy seller makes mistakes, gets nervous. The quality of service is declining.

The main problems faced by beer vendors in stadiums are:

● Sales time is limited. The break between matches is only 15 minutes. In order to have time to drink everyone, you need equipment for high-speed bottling.
● Many do not even queue for beer, realizing that they will not have time to get a glass.
● Due to the lack of automation, sellers can hardly cope with the crowd of buyers, making mistakes in the calculation.
● In order to somehow establish trade, one has to hire more sellers, and these are extra expenses and troubles
● Losses of beer on the drain and foam are catastrophic: 15–25% per year.

Is it possible to solve all problems and increase beer sales many times over? Yes! The innovative automatic dispenser BEERJET™ (Austria) will help you . It takes the game to another level.

● From 2 to 6 half-litre glasses in just 7 seconds! And a short pause for the installation of dishes.

● In a 15-minute break, BEERJET™ pours 350 servings of beer into 6 glasses, and three such dispensers – more than 1000. Count the profit…

● No more drink wasted: BEERJET™ accurately measures every drop and forms a head of foam like a real bartender.

● Built-in cooler.

● Automatic keg switching.

● Automatic drain and cleaning system for bottling lines.

● Working with BEERJET™ is easy: just put empty glasses in it and press the button. Everything else the beer machine does by itself. The seller needs to accept payment and give out several servings of beer at once.

● No need for many taps and vendors – an automatic dispenser saves you a lot of money.

● BEERJET™ has already been field tested in stadiums and football clubs across Europe.

Who needs BEERJET™:

● owners of stadiums and concert venues;
● organizers of public events with a large influx of people – festivals, concerts, fairs, folk festivals;
● private entrepreneurs renting places for catering.

Principle of operation

Cranes are located in one line. Glasses are placed under them on a stand or removable tray and filled at the same time. The built-in touch display shows the selected dosage and foam level, the filling process of glasses, the temperature of the beer and the pressure in the bottling system.

The device automatically ensures the correct inclination of the glasses, smoothly changing it as it pours.

Two people are required to operate the filling point with BEERJET™:

– a seller serving customers;

– the operator of the beer machine, loading and taking out the dishes.

Infrastructure is also required: the organization of a cash zone, an external cooler, cylinders with CO 2 or a gas mixture.

Intuitive control in automatic and manual mode

The BEERJET™ automatic dispenser allows you to control all the parameters important for beer bottling:

● beer temperature;
● pressure;
● flow power;
● drink delivery speed;
● the angle of the glass.

An integrated beer tank connected to an external cooler ensures the correct temperature and uninterrupted pouring even when a new keg is connected. In the settings, you can set the correct carbonization and feed rate for each variety. The necessary sets of settings can be entered into the device’s memory. It also stores data on the temperature and quantity of sold beer, time and date of bottling. With their help, you can analyze the progress of sales.

Benefits of BEERJET™

Fast pouring speed – 2, 4 or 6 half-litre glasses in 7 seconds. Service is speeding up a lot.

Suitable for almost any cookware. Disposable and reusable, plastic and glass goblets, mugs from 0.2 to 1 liter.

Stable and accurate filling without loss. Filling speed, dosage and amount of foam do not change.

Uninterrupted bottling. Integrated beer tank and automatic keg reconnection.

Almost complete automation. Pour beer at the touch of a button.

Accounting and control. Data on each strait is available for verification and analysis. If desired, you can provide remote access.

High reliability. Austrian production, the highest quality materials.

Simple operation. You can learn how to work with BEERJET™ in just a minute.

Easy maintenance. Built-in automatic flushing system.

During sports matches and other public events, it is better to install several such devices. See how fast the beer sells in the stadium:

Video from the match in Vienna

Available versions of BEERJET™

There are three versions (for 2, 4 and 6 glasses) and two installation options:

l premium – stationary installation with rack mounting;

l mobile – a mobile device on wheels with additional equipment for monitoring gas / gas mixture and pressure.

Premium is more suitable for stadiums and arenas, Mobile – for concerts, festivals and other events.

Two or more BEERJET™ dispensers can be used at the same time. This helps to increase the speed of sales or competently organize the bottling of different varieties. For example, two 6-glass BEERJET™ units for mainstream lagers and another 4-glass unit for stouts and porters (with special gas mix and settings).

The new, compact 2-glass version is designed specifically for pubs, clubs and corporate events. It doesn’t get as crowded as stadiums, but fast service is often needed.

Recipe for your success:

pour several times faster;
sell at least one and a half times more;
cut redundant staff.

Order the BEERJET™ Automatic Beer Dispenser to save on staff and take your beer trade to the next level.

mBev is the exclusive distributor of BEERJET™ in Ukraine.

We give a guarantee for 1 year throughout Ukraine, p We give a guarantee for 1 year throughout Ukraine, we provide training, service and repairs. we carry out training, service and repair.

Order BEERJET™ Automatic Beer Dispenser

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