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Beer wall

Beer wall: simple self-service for guests and a sure profit for you

Are you the owner of a brasserie, pub or brewery?
Do you want to increase beer sales by 1.5–2 times?
Then we suggest reconsidering habits.

How do you usually sell beer in pubs?

1. Traditional menus – black boards with chalk inscriptions. Tables in several columns: name of variety and brewery, strength and bitterness, volume and price … Let’s honestly ask ourselves:

– Who studies these tables before ordering, except for avid beer geeks?

– Who will pay attention to the novelty if the name of the variety does not stand out among the others? Just one row in a big table…

2. Staff recommendations. If the waiters and bartenders do not understand beer well, they will not really be able to tell anything. If it’s good, their explanations will still seem incomprehensible to an ordinary person.

3. Repeat orders. Craving another glass? Calling the waiter again, wasting him and our time…

All this is just an extra barrier between the guest and the beer!

Install a beer wall: it makes a profit by reducing staff costs. Guests willingly pour themselves. Payment is made through terminals right next to the taps or at the checkout.

The beer wall can be both the only bottling point in a restaurant and an important addition that unloads the bar counter. Bartenders and waiters have less worries, and it is more convenient for guests to taste different varieties.

Beer self-service is a matter of technology

Along the panel, designed in the general style of the institution, are placed:

● beer taps for foamless bottling;
● tablets with information about varieties, menus and promotions;
● payment terminals;
● glass washers.

Our equipment ensures easy filling without excessive foaming , which is very important for guests. We carefully calculate beer storage temperature, pressure and carbonation for each beer, heat gains and other influences. Only high-quality special cranes manufactured with the highest precision are used.

Our DrinkWall terminals allow you to use different forms of payment :

● customer cards
● regular bank cards
● Google Pay and Apple Pay mobile services.

8 benefits of a beer wall

● A way to attract customers
● Increase beer sales
● Ideal tasting format for a craft brewery
● Increase restaurant profitability
● Save on employees
● Save staff time
● Save space
● Sanitary safety

Communication between guests and waiters is minimized, which means that the risk of infection is less.
Staff can be reduced by 25%.
Guests boldly experiment with different varieties, try everything they want.
Sales of beer grow by 50-100%.

Are you ready to give guests access to beer taps to get that kind of result? Contact us. We will calculate the cost of the project and equip the beer wall in your restaurant.

*Beer walls are already in place in many pubs around the world, reducing costs and generating profits for owners.

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