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Bargun Wunder-Bar

Bargan Wunder-Bar ® : preparing post-mix drinks quickly and without losses

The advantages of postmix technology are obvious. Selling ready-made drinks bottled in glass or PET containers is too troublesome: you have to deal with the transportation and storage of large volumes of goods. But postmix bottling requires modern equipment.

What happens when sodas and cocktails are mixed the old fashioned way?

● The bartender has to keep on hand a bunch of open bottles of syrups and other parts of the mixture.
● All this stuff is not stored hermetically and gradually deteriorates from contact with air.
● Product losses are inevitable – not only because of the deterioration of ingredients, but also because the dosage cannot be precisely controlled. Yes, it’s easier to steal.
● Manipulating bottles takes time.
● Bottle batteries clutter up the bar counter.

This is only appropriate in a small traditional bar with low attendance. With a large flow of guests, you have to think not about traditions, but about the speed of service. And about the fact that profits grow, and do not go into the drain.

The Wunder-Bar ® (USA) bar pouring gun is the perfect weapon for your bartenders.

7 steps to success with Wunder Bar® :

1) pour dozens of mixtures quickly, with one hand;
2) ensure accurate dosage;
3) forget about the loss of drinks;
4) save space on the bar counter;
5) save staff time;
6) simplify the work of bartenders;
7) Always keep your work area clean.

The set includes a convenient holder that is attached to the bar counter. During pauses in work, the bar pistol is installed in this “holster”, equipped with a drip collector and a drainage hose.

What can be bottled with Wunder
Bar ® :

● carbonated water;
● still water;
● carbonated drinks with syrups;
● any combination of prepared drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Wunder-Bar ® is a 3-part drink dispenser.

1. Collector for connecting tubes with syrups and water.
2. General hose from 90 to 210 cm long, going to the “gun”.
3. Filling gun with nozzle and buttons (from 2 to 12). Through the transparent body you can see the channels through which the syrups enter the nozzle.

Easy installation: mount the manifold in any convenient place under the bar, and the holder on the rack.
Easy setting: via flags on manifold inlet valves.
Simple operation: with buttons. For each button, the exact dosage of the drink associated with it is set.

Benefits of Wunder-Bar ®

● Manufactured in the USA to the best global standards.
● Easy installation and maintenance.
● Completely safe hydraulic system without electrical parts.
● Self-cleaning nozzle – changing drinks does not mix them up.
● Precise dosing regardless of pressure. The bartender cannot overfill or underfill, either by accident or on purpose.
● Theft is excluded.
● Mix components are securely stored in kegs, canisters or bag-in-boxes without taking up space in the bar.
● No contact with air during storage.
● The bartender has up to 12 drinks in one hand, from which up to 400 different mixtures are obtained

Most of the popular cocktails can be poured by simply pressing the desired sequence of buttons.

Order the Wunder-Bar ® Bar Gun . Save bar space, staff time and your merchandise, increase service speed and profits.

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