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Ready-made bar counter in a beer restaurant: we design, equip, check

The success of the restaurant business depends on how the bar is organized. Alcohol and any drinks are the main source of income or, conversely, losses. The bartender earns a profit for you, but sometimes steals. You need to help him do the first and avoid the second. The key to success is well-established accounting of drinks, proper design and equipment of the bar counter.

What do restaurant owners lose money on?

  • Loss of drinks
  • Theft of bartenders
  • Long wait for order
  • Queues at the counter
  • Inconvenience for staff: lack of working space and bar equipment

Often restaurateurs are not aware of modern ways to simplify and speed up the work of bartenders.

Our company mBev has equipped many beer establishments in Ukraine and abroad. Since 2008, we have been designing restaurants together with owners, studying, installing and launching advanced bottling equipment. This made it possible to compose a set of ideal parts.

We assemble the bottling line and the bar counter as if from a LEGO constructor.

We have ready-made solutions for every request and know-how to free up a lot of space. We have shown novice and experienced restaurateurs many times how our technical solutions increase revenue and reduce costs. We have been working with beer for a long time and we know how to properly store it, serve it to the bar and pour it.

What equipment do we offer for the bar counter?

Bar furniture of the required size on order
Bar station with a sink, refrigerator and other modules
Under-rack kegerators
High-quality drip collectors
Any beer columns and taps
Additional bar equipment – bargans, saturators for gas water, ice generators, chillers for glasses, spoolboys.

We carefully plan the layout and design, select and place equipment with millimeter precision. This ensures fast service even with a large influx of visitors.

Installation of a bar counter from mBev is:

  • attention to technical details and innovations;
  • equipment as an organic part of the design;
  • compactness and ergonomics.

It is easy and pleasant for the staff to work, and theft is impossible in principle. Our beer counters cannot be hacked or rewound, they show each brew in milliliters.

We have successfully solved hundreds of bar equipment problems. We help restaurateurs expand the range of services, promote new trends and technical innovations.

Do you want to improve the work of the bar in your restaurant or are you just designing it from scratch? Please contact us at any stage. We will help, advise, select the equipment.

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