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    A modern cinema begins with a cinema bar. And the importance of the cinema bar for the institution is very high, because it brings the main income now. Selling entrance tickets usually only allows you to pay rent, taxes and other expenses. The greater the profit from drinks and other commodities, the higher the profitability.

    Among the most important items of income are carbonated water and juices, premixes and post-mixes, gas water with syrups, beer and wine. We help to establish fast and uninterrupted bottling of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, taking into account all technical nuances.
    Experience has shown that there are two ways to significantly increase sales:

    high-speed filling;

    High-speed filling of drinks in the cinema bar

    Most of the orders are placed 5-10 minutes before the start of the session, so waiting times should be kept to a minimum. It has been found that customers, especially those arriving shortly before the start of the film, rarely stand in line for more than 3 minutes. With any noticeable delay, the cinema bar loses a client, and the owners receive less profit. How can the situation be changed?
    There is a well-known recommendation from the marketing specialists of the Coca-Cola Company: a separate bar counter for every 150-200 seats. But this is not enough to deal with queues. Any queue rests against a bar counter, behind which a living person – a bartender – operates. If the service lasts longer than 1 minute, the queue immediately begins to grow. Many are left without drinks and leave in disappointment, not wanting to be late for the session.

    Only modern equipment for fast filling helps to significantly increase the speed of work. We have been selecting it for years, participating in international exhibitions, and have tested it many times in business.

    For example…

    Bargans Wunderbar are bar pistols for filling dozens of post-mix drinks with one hand. They greatly simplify the work of the bartender: his role is reduced to substituting a glass and quickly pressing 2-3 buttons. Bargan saves space under the bar and reduces beverage wastage thanks to precise dosage.

    The postmix technology itself simplifies logistics and also significantly saves space. You only need to store containers with syrup, and not necessarily near the counter. Bulky bottle refrigerators can be dispensed with.

    ReverseTap (South Korea) – an original system for pouring beer through the bottom of a container at a speed of 8 seconds per half liter. While the frothy drink is pouring into the glasses, the bartender accepts payment or dispenses other goods.
    RevolMatic (Poland) – fully automatic beer dispenser with a rotating stand for 6 glasses. Indispensable if you need to serve a long queue in a matter of minutes.
    BEERJET ™ (Austria) is a robot bartender that pours up to 1000 glasses per hour in a fully automatic mode.
    All three devices are equipped with a foam control function and allow you to pour beer into several containers at once. They have proven their effectiveness not only in cinemas, but even during football matches. Read more in the section on fast beer pouring in stadiums. Please contact us for advice on each position.

    Self-service for beer and other drinks

    The section “Self-service” describes in detail the principles of the beer and wine walls. In this way, you can sell any drinks that are stored in kegs. Guests pour themselves. Payment is made directly through the terminal near the tap or at the checkout.

    Some cinemas in Ukraine have tried to introduce beer self-service, but to no avail. This is due to incompetent equipment suppliers who improperly organized the process. Trying to pour themselves a beer, customers received glasses full of foam and left them on the tables in disappointment.

    We provide your guests with easy filling without unnecessary foaming. For this, the beer storage temperature, pressure and carbonation for each beer, heat gains and other influences are carefully calculated. Only non-foam filling taps are used, manufactured with the highest precision.

    The tasting wall removes unnecessary barriers between drinks and customers who value their time and the opportunity to make their own choice. It helps to visually and conveniently present the entire assortment of drinks. This is an excellent visual marketing tool!

    In movie bars, an order is usually made based on visual impressions – advertisements near the bar, brightly lit drinks vending machines, and so on. Having installed and beautifully designed a self-service wall, you get a device that literally attracts visitors and makes money for you. It is enough to install a beer wall for beer revenue to grow 1.5–2 times. Having received freedom of action and choice, guests experiment more boldly, more often they try different varieties.

    How mBev solutions help you earn more:

    Attract new customers

    • your guests are delighted, because mBev installations are real art objects;
    • your bartenders have in their hands the tools for a beautiful show;
    • on taps – the freshest beer straight from the brewery;
    • waiters serve quickly and smoothly;

    Retain your regular customers

    • increasing the filling speed several times;
    • keeping the original beer formula;
    • bringing the filling to perfection.

    Reduce costs by:

    • saving on staff;
    • elimination of unnecessary links in logistics;
    • reduction of losses on foam and drains.

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