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    In simple words, beverage catering is the organization of bottling at all kinds of public events, from friendly gatherings outside the city to a beer festival. In the broadest sense of the term, it is any take-away filling using special equipment. Depending on how often the catering service is required, you can buy equipment from us or rent it.

    Takeaway beverage filling: an old tale in a new way

    The idea itself is, of course, not new. Half a century ago, simple beverage dispensers were already in stores. The question is in the technical organization of the filling and available devices. The circle of our clients and the range of technologies used are very wide, since there are many different tasks in catering. We work with both catering companies and direct consumers of this service.

    For example, with our help, you can easily organize a bar on wheels in your country house. If you sell drinks to go, a roll bar is a great solution for a mobile trade. We make custom-made roll bars with a bright, original design, which guests of the event will definitely not pass by.

    It would be boring for us to be engaged in reselling someone’s ready-made sets of equipment, which, as a rule, have drawbacks. It’s always a pain for true perfectionists! Therefore, we ourselves design mobile bars of any format with a full set of necessary equipment:

    • Roll bar
    • Mobile bar counter
    • Modular bar
    • A beer or cocktail bar on wheels – a car with your signature design
    • Coffee shop on wheels …

    Anything you can think of yourself or following our tips! Our engineers are able to carry out a project of any complexity. Or, conversely, simplify what seemed too difficult to you. Sometimes you have to contend with myths about catering. Some people think that they can easily cope on their own the first time, and then instead of working half a day they struggle with foam. Others overestimate the difficulty and miss out on such a great opportunity to increase sales altogether.

    Beer catering

    We often rent out equipment to brewers – during beer festivals, city “food festivals”, fairs. Any private brewery, restaurant or craft brewery, wants to make itself known in this way.

    We help bring your beer to the public. Not only deliver to the place and pour, but also impress the audience. After all, you can put a cooler with a tap on the table, or you can deploy a real bar with a full-fledged counter and a column, a beautiful design … This is how it turns out not just another mobile filling point, but beer catering with a capital letter.

    Regardless of the size, configuration and design, our customers primarily receive a complete mobile filling system. We carefully consider:

    • your working conditions and technical requirements for catering;
    • the characteristics of the drinks you sell;
    • target audience.

    How mBev solutions help you earn more:

    Attract new customers

    • your guests are delighted, because mBev installations are real art objects;
    • your bartenders have in their hands the tools for a beautiful show;
    • on taps – the freshest beer straight from the brewery;
    • waiters serve quickly and smoothly;

    Retain your regular customers

    • increasing the filling speed several times;
    • keeping the original beer formula;
    • bringing the filling to perfection.

    Reduce costs by:

    • saving on staff;
    • elimination of unnecessary links in logistics;
    • reduction of losses on foam and drains.

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