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    The bar is the heart of the establishment, and it should run smoothly. If the bar is properly organized and the work of the bartenders is adjusted, it means that business will go well. No queues and long waiting times, no unnecessary fuss, loss of drinks, and theft. And if not?

    The restaurant business is one of the most profitable and risky at the same time. Here you can either get at least 200-300% of the profit or lose all investments. Alcohol and any drinks are the main sources of income or, conversely, losses (if mistakes are made). That is why, when designing a new restaurant for a customer, we pay special attention to the bar. If we are invited to already operating establishments, as a rule, it is necessary to upgrade not only the filling lines but also the bar counters. This is already our strong point: to carefully plan the location and design, select and place equipment with millimeter precision.

    Installation of a bar counter from mBev is:

    • attention to technical details;
    • innovative solutions;
    • compactness and ergonomics;
    • equipment as an organic part of the design.

    Many people get carried away with the design of the rack, forgetting that the efficiency of work depends on the correct supply of drinks: hoses, gas and reducers, pumps, saturators, coolers. But all this, if you wish, can not be hidden, but beautifully entered into the design. For example, in the beer restaurant Beerteka, we placed a cold room with transparent walls right on one of the bar counters. You can also play with the columns: freeze the outside with ice, lower it from the ceiling – it all depends on your imagination.

    Bar counter: compactness and ergonomics

    We organize the bartender’s workplace ergonomically to save space, time and staff efforts. Often the owners of cafes and restaurants make mistakes just because they do not know about modern technical capabilities. We are constantly researching, installing and launching advanced filling equipment. This allowed us to compose a set of ideal parts from which the filling line is assembled, as if from a LEGO constructor. We have ready-made solutions for any request and know-how, allowing you to free up a lot of space.

    For example…

    A beverage cooler can be powerful and still palm-sized.
    It is possible to cool glass glasses not in a special refrigerator, but in a matter of seconds using a special chiller pistol. Bartenders turn this trivial process into a new show for guests.
    A gas water saturator is not necessarily a bulky metal box. We offer a very compact unit that, like the cooler, fits comfortably under the counter.
    Wine can be poured not from bottles, but from kegs or bag-in-boxes using wine machines. This eliminates a lot of logistics and storage problems. And there is no need to purchase expensive wine dispensers.
    Coffee: we have ready-made sets for storing and pouring cold brus, for the production of nitro coffee right at the bar and for regular hot coffee.

    Cocktails and soda with syrups can be made without storing a battery of open bottles directly on the counter. Firstly, they take up a lot of space, and secondly, the contents gradually deteriorate from contact with air. Install a bargan (filling gun) – and this will solve all problems. The bartender will have 12 drinks and hundreds of mixes in one hand.

    Keeping track of drinks in bars

    Theft in bars and restaurants has always been a major problem. It is easy to nip it in the bud by installing beverage counters. Our counters cannot be hacked or rewound, they accurately indicate the volume of each drink spilled. And the BarGun filling gun has a dispenser for syrups and cocktail components, so that the bartender will not be mistaken in his own or someone else’s favor.

    We have been working in the HoReCa industry since 2008 and have successfully solved hundreds of bar equipment problems. We help to expand the range of services, promote new trends and technical innovations. We regularly participate in international industry exhibitions and forums, have established close contacts with all world leaders in the beverage market.

    We have demonstrated many times to novice and experienced restaurateurs how our technical solutions increase their income and reduce costs. You can get acquainted with successful examples of our work in the Gallery section.

    How mBev solutions help you earn more:

    Attract new customers

    • your guests are delighted, because mBev installations are real art objects;
    • your bartenders have in their hands the tools for a beautiful show;
    • on taps – the freshest beer straight from the brewery;
    • waiters serve quickly and smoothly;

    Retain your regular customers

    • increasing the filling speed several times;
    • keeping the original beer formula;
    • bringing the filling to perfection.

    Reduce costs by:

    • saving on staff;
    • elimination of unnecessary links in logistics;
    • reduction of losses on foam and drains.

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