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About us


mBev was founded in 2008 in Kyiv. We deal with beverage filling systems – their design, production, installation and maintenance. We supply Ukraine with equipment from world leaders in this field and offer our own developments.

mBev’s mission is to help people build businesses and maximize profits with cutting-edge technology. The company is constantly developing, participating in international exhibitions, sensitive to market trends and innovations.

We have accumulated vast engineering experience and strive to implement it in other areas. The nearest plans are to increasingly introduce sensory devices in HoReCa, shopping centers, beauty salons, etc. Having established ourselves in the neighboring countries (Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia), we plan to gradually enter the markets of Europe and the USA.

Our clients

HoReCa : beer restaurants, brewery restaurants, craft breweries, wineries, pubs, bars, coffee houses, hotels with bottling drinks.
Shops and outlets with bottling of beer, wine, premix and postmix soft drinks.
Distributors of beer, wine, juices.
Organizers of events – from a trip to the country or corporate parties to football matches.

Our advantages

  • Since 2008 on the equipment market
  • Extensive experience with complex engineering systems
  • Own engineering and technical department, constantly improving qualifications
  • Selection and high-quality installation of equipment according to precisely calculated parameters
  • Search for optimal solutions for your tasks
  • Warranty and service
  • Warehouse of equipment and components
  • Spare parts for repair are always in stock
  • The best equipment from around the world (USA, Europe, Australia, China)
  • We work throughout Ukraine and in other countries
  • Large portfolio of satisfied customers, including all key Ukrainian craft beer producers

Customer orientation
Each of our filling systems is unique in its own way. It is assembled, like a children’s designer, from ready-made units and parts, taking into account your needs. We carefully work out each request together with the client.

High quality and reliability
We offer only equipment that has been repeatedly tested in practice and has proven its effectiveness.
We do not just offer individual devices, but we assemble filling systems that work efficiently and without interruption. We provide proper storage and filling, minimizing the loss of drinks.
Technical support
We are constantly in touch and very quickly respond to requests.

Milestones in the history of mBev

We started working in the beer industry: selling equipment, kits for draft beer shops, and making installation.
Developed beverage accounting systems. We founded an engineering department, began to offer products of our own design and production (beverage accounting systems).
We launched the first facilities in Ukraine with our self-service system.
We installed beer self-service systems in Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkov, Lvov), Georgia (Tbilisi), Russia (Perm).
Began to carry out individual development under the order. Self-service system for waiters in the Pravda restaurant (FEST corporation, Lviv).
Mastered the bottling of wine. We have developed for a customer from Georgia wine dispensers with automatic dosing and information exchange via a server (for accounting and logistics).
Improved beer/wine self-service and beverage accounting systems. Data exchange and collection takes place on a remote server (cloud storage).
We put the direction “turnkey projects of beer systems” on stream.
A breakthrough in the design of turnkey beer systems. We developed a project and carried out the installation of the most complex and largest beer system in Ukraine (the first restaurant of the This is Pivbar chain, Kyiv).
We entered the coffee market with our devices for the production and bottling of nitro coffee
Increased workspace and staff. We organized a test laboratory-showroom for new equipment.
Started several new directions. We worked on a new mBev brand, which includes not only beer bottling, but also all engineering solutions related to the beverage business: beer, wine, gas water, soft drinks, coffee. We mastered systems for high-speed filling of beer for mass events – festivals, sports matches, etc.
From MagNum-beer to mBev: we have launched and are developing a new website. In the first half of the year, several large-scale projects of beer restaurants in Ukraine and Moldova were successfully implemented. We develop contactless dispensers for alcoholic beverages.

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