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Time for daring experiments: from MagNum-beer to mBev
Many stylish and modern beer restaurants in Ukraine have been designed by MagNum-beer specialists. This name is familiar to everyone who has been working in the beer business for a long time and knows that it is impossible to equip a good store or restaurant without competent technical support. Since autumn 2020, the company is called mBev. We contacted its founder and director Denis Korol to find out what changes the new brand will bring to us.
- Denis, you have a solid reputation as the best Ukrainian beer bottling engineers. Why did you decide to abandon a trusted brand?
- The time is such a turning point for everyone! The optimal tactic is to "change with change," as the ancient Chinese advised. We continue to use the MagNum-beer brand, it is just now that this is the name of our beer engineering division. The name mBev is broader in meaning and better meets our area of interest: beverages, "drinks".
Are you tired of beer?
- Of course not. We started our work in 2008 with beer bottling and helped to open many shops and pubs. The projects that brought us fame are the best Ukrainian beer restaurants, such as Kumpel, Pravda Beer Theater, This is Pivbar, Varvar Bar. But from the very beginning, we have been engaged in dosed bottling of any beverages, from beer and wine to cocktails, non-alcoholic lemonades, soda and coffee. And not just drinks: this year many people needed stationary and portable antiseptic dispensers, and we immediately responded to the demand. Everyone is in crisis, and we have a hot job: many new objects, expanding the range of bar equipment - everything that can make life easier for a bartender.
For example?
- A glass and mug cooler that freezes dishes in 5 seconds. Postmix bar pistols that allow you to make lemonades and cocktails quickly, without changing hands and without fiddling with different bottles, accurately dosing components. Devices for pouring beer into a metal can right behind the counter, with a regular bar tap without Pegasus. Various dispensers for ultra-fast filling of beer, including very unusual ones with filling the glass through the bottom.
Do you mainly offer imported equipment?
- Yes. In addition to our own developments such as beer and wine walls, systems of self-payment for drinks with a bank card, for the assembly of which we again use imported components. The tasting wall is the optimal solution for beer geeks and wine connoisseurs. You can try several samples and pay instantly without distracting the bartender and waiter.
- Does the race for speed spoil the atmosphere of the establishment?
- There are craft pubs and respectable beer restaurants in an emphatically traditional style, where, say, Austrian Beerjets, pouring half a liter in a couple of seconds, are inappropriate. That is why we offer beer taps and columns for every taste - for example, the recognized Czech classics from Lukr and Lindr. But in a regular bar, shop, stadium or beer fest, salespeople have completely different tasks. There you need to use every opportunity to simplify and speed up the work of staff. That is why we import advanced equipment: to make it easier and more profitable for you to work. Let's say you sip beer the old fashioned way, at a rate of 1-2 minutes per pint, and a competitor next to you pours several glasses at once in 2 seconds in fully automatic mode. You don't even need to look towards the cranes! The dispenser itself measures the dose and forms a foam head. In such conditions, the one who serves the crowd faster will win. By the way, in a craft pub, customers rarely get their glass at the counter. Usually they are sitting at a table waiting for the waiter, and it takes too much time during full load hours.
- Is design important besides functionality? You have always been famous for this.
- Yes, we try to make the beer system work flawlessly like a clock and look impressive. Freeze the beer column or install a transparent one instead of a metal one. Feel free to experiment, arrange a banal beer serving on the taps so that it becomes part of the image. You can, of course, arrange the containers, connect the hoses and throw them at random. For a regular store, this is normal, but in a restaurant, such storage will have to be hidden from the eyes of guests. There is a better, proven way: to harmoniously arrange the units and details, to polish everything to shine, to glaze the coldroom and to make a beautiful lighting ... Who said that brewing vats can be a decoration of a restaurant, but a brewery cannot? Anything can be used to enhance the image, even kegs and beer lines. Especially when they cannot be hidden, as in the first of the restaurants "This is Pivbar", where in 2016 we laid 50 beer pipelines with a total length of 3000 meters. By the way, all new establishments of this chain in Kiev were designed and equipped by us.
- Was that project an important milestone?
- And our business card. We have proved that in Ukraine such complex tasks can only be done by us. A deep knowledge of the biochemical and physical properties of beer, a strong technical base, careful planning and engineering calculations are required. As it turned out, bold design solutions are also in demand. This year we have equipped Varvar Bar at Kyiv Food Market, which has become a real art object, and several other stylish restaurants in different cities.
- How does a "complex" project differ from a "simple" one?
- The total amount of work and special technical problems that have to be solved, for example, if there is a large distance or difference in height between the kegs and the cranes. We make "turnkey" and huge restaurants, and pubs, and modest stores, but the main principles are the same: the correct storage and serving of beer to the taps. Cold room with constant temperature, gas blender, separate pumps with fob detectors for each variety, vacuum feeding system, foam cutters, regular sanitization of beer lines (preferably with a fully automatic recirculation system). This is how an ideal beer dispensing system should work - in fact, the last and most important link in the production chain. Our mission is to carefully convey the idea of the brewer from the brewery to the glass, to preserve the aroma and taste of the drink in all its purity and fullness.
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